KMC is a leading Manufacturer of Galvanized, Stainless Steel and Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) products in Australia. Our systems are most suitable to the services of mechanical and electrical. Our quality standards are approved to BS EN ISO 9001(2000) as per the international standards. KMC manufactures all products and accessories to stringent quality procedures. We offer the best quality products. We take pride in the customer service offered and on the prompt deliveries of our orders completely. Thus providing its customers the very best in services, Quality standards and commitments towards the market, both internally and externally. KMC has done a considerable investment in the entire sector. In the production sector we have fully computerized machineries. We have our own galvanizing plant fully equipped with any type and volume of galvanizing. The expert engineers who manages and looks after the daily routine of processing, manufacturing, galvanizing, packing and dispatching are remarkable. Our export division is fully equipped in each and every aspect. In coordination with the production unit they quote the price in no time and they go to any level in negotiation and to confirm the order towards KMC.